Biography of Jeremías (650-580 a.C.)

(Yirmeyah [u] or Ieremias or Hieremias) Hebrew Prophet of the old testament. He was son of Jilquiya, of priestly family, and was born in Anathoth, small village near Jerusalem. In the time of King Josiah was called to the prophetic task that served for forty years almost exclusively in Jerusalem, where predicted all kinds of calamities caused by the sins of Judah. The country lived a complex political context, as it was in the political orbit of Assyria and Egypt (during the reigns of Joaquim, Joaquin, Zedekiah). Politically, and while Jeremiah had suffered prison, tried tilting to the King Sedecías (Sidquiyya) to the Babylonians, against policy filoegipcia following the courtiers. This policy was the cause of the site and conquest of Jerusalem in 586 B.c. by the Babylonian troops of Nabucodonosor II, who ordered the deportation of the King, authorities, craftsmen and much of the town. Jeremiah was left at liberty despite be offered a life given in Babylon; He preferred to stay with his friend Gedalia, installed this in Jerusalem by the Babylonians as Governor. However, the assassination of this Prince, prompted the flight of Jeremiah with the killers to Egypt, a country where predicted the fate of the refugees and of the own Egypt. The details are ignored about his last years, although a late tradition points out that he was stoned to death in Tahpanhes, on the banks of the Nile delta. The writings attributed to the Prophet are: the book of Jeremiah, in reality a set of oracles and historico-biograficas news, wailing, composition that mourns the death of King Josiah, and the letter of Jeremiah, short text attached to the last book of Baruch. Also some apocryphal writings attributed to him.