Biography of Jezabel. (???)

(Yzbl or Izebel or Jezebel) Phoenician Queen of Samaria. Daughter of Itthobaal I, King of tyre and Sidon, managed to marry the King of Israel Ahab. This marriage, completely diplomatic, caused in Israel the introduction - with the tolerance of the King-the cult of Baal and of Asiatic luxury, as well as the persecution of the prophets, according to Eliaslaments. Their intrigues led to Ahab asesinase Naboth and his sons due to a vineyard that the King wished. The ambitious and intelligent Jezebel died at the being thrown from a window of the Palace by a few servants, coinciding with the entry of Jehu in Yizreel. Such a woman was the mother of Joram, King of Israel, the mother-in-law of Jehoram, King of Judah, and the grandmother of Ahaziah, also King of Judah.