Biography of Joab (¿-1014 a.C.)

Famous Jewish Warrior, son of a sister of David. He was a general of the armies of the King, and began his exploits by defeating in the plain of Gibeon the army of Isboseth, Saul's daughter, thus freeing to David of a competitor. He killed Abner alevosamente, since I was afraid their rivalry near the King; defeated the ammonites in Rabbath; beat insurreccionado Absalom, and he killed him when it was hung on the hair; Finally, it gave death in the same treacherous way to knead, to whom David had entrusted the command of an expedition. All of these crimes called for punishment, and Solomon, who already occupied the throne of his father, took advantage of the opportunity to have rebelled against him and in favor of Adonijah to send him kill, what happened in the year 1014 BC