Biography of rey de Judá Joaquín (598 a.C.)

(Yehoyaqin) Tenth ninth King of Judah, son of Joaquim. It had a short reign (three months and some days), and is presented as a benign person by Josephusand as bad by the book of the Kings. Besieged Jerusalem by Nabucodonosor II of Babylon, who personally came to quell the rebellion in it caused fearful that the King Joaquin - only 18 - spread is, that it had happened very recently his father, not opposed any resistance, so it kept life. However, was deported along with many other people to Babylon, where it remained in captivity for thirty-seven years until he/she was pardoned by Amel-Marduk, the successor of Nabucodonosor II. Joaquin had been happened in Judah by his uncle Mattanías, son of Josiah, whom Nabucodonosor II, which had him enthroned, had changed its name to Zedekiah.