Biography of rey de Israel Joás (798-783 a.C.)

(I ' ash or Ioas) Twelfth King of Israel, son of Jehoahaz. The old testament includes its relation with Prophet Eliseo (in the episode of the arrows), as well as their deeds of arms against the Aramaeans and Judah. Joash, taking advantage of the Assyrian attacks against Damascus, was able to recover some cities of the Transjordan, the Aramaeans had wrested from Israel, and even had subjected them to heavy taxes required by Haza' the. In addition, attacked Judah after failing a marriage Covenant between the descendants of the two Kings, defeated and took prisoner its King Amaziah in Bet Shemesh. Then he/she entered Jerusalem, city that plundered and dismantled in some sectors (especially in its walls). He/She was succeeded by his son Jeroboam II.