Biography of Jennifer Jones (1919-2009)

American actress. His real name is Phillys Isley. He was born in Tulsa, on March 2, 1919, and died in Malibu, California, on December 17, 2009.

Since childhood he devoted himself to the scene as an itinerant actress. He came to the cinema of Robert Walker: together went to Hollywood, where they were married. She debuted in 1939, but went virtually unnoticed until David Selznick hired her for the song of Bernadette in 1943: this religious film allows the public to accept the subsequent divorce from her first husband and her wedding with the director; the Oscar received best actress for this movie. The career of the actress continued on track since then, to a large extent by the great directors that worked and a surprising photogenic, getting to be an effective actress despite his scant talent for the interpretation. His films include since you left (1944, nominated for the Oscar to best supporting actress), letters to my beloved (1944, nominated for the Oscar best actress), the sin of Cluny Brown (1946), duel in the Sun (1947, nominated for the Oscar best actress), Stazione Termini (1953), the Goodbye Hill (1955, nominated for the Oscar best actress) or a farewell to arms (1957).

In 1949 he married the producer Selznick, who had a daughter, who killed himself.


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