Biography of King of Judá Joram (848-841 a.C.)

Fifth King of Judah, son of Jehoshaphat. His Government, which began at the age of 38, was developed under the influence of his wife Athaliah, daughter of Ahab, King of Israel, and the tiria Jezebel. At the beginning of his reign he/she killed, apparently religious reasons, his four brothers and some of their leaders. Because of these crimes and their wickedness, he/she was threatened by the Prophet Elijah with a disease and serious disaster for your state. Militarily lost Edom and Libnah, and suffered the invasion of Philistines and Arabs who, in addition to his palace to destroy him and loot you their treasures, their wives and children, except Jehoahaz, seized him the child. After two years of painful illness, he/she died, and was succeeded by his son Ahaziah.