Biography of Pedro Jordán María de Urríes y Fombuena (1770-1810)

Spanish Aristocrat, confidant of Fernando VII, born on October 13, 1770 and died between Miranda and Lerín (Navarra), 1 or 2 October 1810. He/She held the titles of baron de Sánchez and Torrellas and Marquis of Ayerbe and Lierta.

Son of Pedro María Jordán de Urriés and Pignatelli, who in 1799 inherited the marquisate, partner active economic society of Zaragoza, friend of Meléndez Valdés, friend intimate of the Prince of Asturias, then Fernando VII. Married to María Nicolasa de Palafox y Silva, sister of the Marquis of Ariza, Vicente Manuel Palafox Robledo and Silva.

Butler mayor and man of Fernando VII since 1799, was involved in the process of el Escorial, in 1807, where he/she was acquitted. Gentleman of the Chamber, accompanied Fernando VII in his trip to Bayonne, and then there was with him prisoner in Valençay. It was led by the French to Pamplona in 1809, so take some party by José I and contributed to the pacification of Aragon.en an office of 30 April 1809, made its way through Bayonne. But he/she escaped, disguised as a calesero, and was presented in Seville to the Central Board. There he/she fought the democratic designs of Lorenzo Calvo de Rozas, who accused the Board of Aragon of traitor, and outlined a plan to free Fernando VII. The Central commissioned him to carry it out, for which arose in Catalonia Renovales Mariano, in 1810. From there followed by boat to Cadiz and La Coruna, where they arrived in June 1810.

In mid-September, disguised as a muleteer, named after Uncle Lorenzo, accompanied by a captain, also dressed, came out to Navarra, where the three and a half months were both killed by two soldiers of cavalry, also known as guerrillas, who after asking them passports and stealing the ounces of gold, that sent them to the other world. The crime remained unpunished.

The Marquis left a manuscript entitled memoirs of the Marquis de Ayerbe regarding the stay of Don Fernando VII in Valençay and the beginning of the war of independence, which was published in 1893 by his descendant, also Marquis of Ayerbe, Juan Jordán de Urríes, decorated with the portrait of the author.


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