Biography of King of Grecia Jorge II (1890-1947)

King of Greece, born at Tatoi on July 20, 1890 and died in Athens on April 1, 1947. Married in 1921 to the Romanian Princess Isabel Carlota Josefina, he/she succeeded his father Constantine I in 1922 by abdication of this. His reign was brief and hectic as of May 25, 1924 it was proclaimed the Republic in Greece and Jorge II was forced to leave the country with his family. After twelve years of exile, he/she returned to take the throne in 1935 by Decree of the National Assembly and by popular referendum. In 1941 the German invasion and had to flee to London, where he/she formed a Government in exile. In 1946 returned to be reinstated in his rights of inheritance, called by a plebiscite. At his death his brother Paul Isucceeded him.