Biography of Josué (s. XIV a.C.)

(Yehoshua). Successor of Moses and "servant of the Lord". He/She was the son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim and Oseas was called, but Moses was changed by the Joshua. This character attended Moses during the crossing of the desert and gave evidence of military skills to overcome the Amalekites. He/She accompanied Moses at Sinai, and was appointed to monitor the Tabernacle. The exploration of Canaan, was later entrusted to probe the possibilities of conquest. The death of Moses was appointed his successor, acted as Chief of the people of Israel and was responsible for dividing the lands of Canaan among the tribes, after its conquest, which had to fight against 31 Kings. Among the most notable facts should consign the taking of Jericho, that of Hai and the battle of Gibeon, which beat five Kings Amorites (Adonisedec, Oham, Faram, Japhia, and Debir). Joshua received the town of Timnath-Serah, where he/she was buried upon his death, struck at the age of 110. Attributed you the book of his name, which tells the conquest of Canaan under the command of Joshua and the subsequent distribution of territories among the tribes.