Biography of Juan Bautista José Fabián Sebastián (1782-?)

Archduke of Austria, general Austrian, who was born in 1782. He was the son of Emperor Leopoldo II and the infanta María Luisa, daughter of Carlos III of Spain. After vain request the honor of taking part in the campaigns of his brother Archduke Carlos against France, was granted finally command in 1800, after the defeats of Kray; He lost the battle of Hohenlinden against Moreau, and after the peace of Lunéville, he was appointed director of engineers. He returned to take up arms in 1805, but it could not prevent the defeat of Austerlitz. In 1809 he obtained the command of the army of inner Austria, and after beating the Prince Eugenio, was beaten by him at Raab. He took no part in the campaigns of 1813 and 1814; he besieged and took Huninga in 1815. Since that time he lived retired and handed over to the study of the sciences, to the year 1848, in which the Assembly gathered in Frankfurt, named him Vicar of the Empire of Germany. After taking office in the Church of St. Paul in that city, he formed a Ministry; but as the discussions relating to the Constitution of the empire they weren't consistent with their wishes, more defender of the interests of Austria showed a growing, and when the Constitution was voted, and was appointed the King of Prussia as Emperor of Germany, expressed the desire to give up his position, and up to the end of it, in December 1849He remained in Frankfurt, as a simple representative of the interests of Austria, then retired to private life.