Biography of San Juan de Ribera (¿-1611)

Spanish Saint, born in Seville. Of noble family, he/she went to study in Salamanca. When he/she was not yet 30 years he/she was appointed Bishop of Badajoz, where sent missionaries by all the people of the diocese. He/She took part in the Council of Trent.

At age 36, he/she was appointed Bishop of Valencia, and there it was proposed to carry out the first reform of the Council. He/She toured several times the diocese, held synods and paid special attention to his priests.It catequizaba the children in his retirement from Burjasot, near Valencia; He/She opened a school for young people in his own Palace; He/She founded the College of Corpus Christi for the formation of the clergy, and promoted the cult of the Blessed Sacrament in the Valencian Temple, since then known as the Patriarch. He/She died on January 6, 1611, and marks his feast on January 19.