Biography of Suecia y Noruega Juan. King of Dinamarca (1455-1513)

King of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, son of Cristian I. He was born in 1455 and died in 1513. He ascended the throne in 1481, but was not recognized as King of Norway until two years later, making major concessions to the nobility and the clergy. After vain negotiations with Sweden for fourteen years, he had to take over that realm by weapons, arriving to meet the three crowns in 1497. In 1500, it undertook an expedition against Ditmarsia, which had never recognized the Kings of Denmark, and Republic which was defended by swamps and channels. It was completely defeated, and that disaster was the signal of an insurrection in Sweden, and the loss of this Kingdom. It suffocated some uprisings that erupted in Norway, regained their rights in Sweden in 1512, and died the following year, due to a fall from a horse.