Biography of Papa Julio II (1503-1513)

He was born 5 December 1443 in Albissola, Italy, and died in Rome the 21 February 1513. Its original name was Giuliano della Rovere. He/She held the Throne from 1503 to 1513.

The Pope Julius II, by Rafael.

He was one of the strongest Popes in history. Fearless warrior, accompanied his troops, worked and lived with his soldiers and managed to retrieve all the properties which had previously belonged to the Church. He/She called the V Lateran Council (1512), in order to correct the shameful prevailing indiscipline. During his pontificate he/she paid attention to the advancement of the art, and thus assigned to Bramante's rebuilding of the basilica of San Pedro; He/She stimulated the genius of Rafael and brought to Rome to Miguel Ángel.