Biography of Papa Julio III (1550-1555)

He was born and died in Rome (1487-1555); his real name was Giovani María Ciocchi del Monte; on the death of his father, his uncle Antonio de el Monte, auditor of rattan and Archbishop of Siponto, which made him study jurisprudence in Perugia and Siena was responsible for their education. He/She was a waiter Julio II and twice Governor of Rome. Paulo III named him Cardinal Priest of the title of St. Vital in 1536, and his representative at the Council of Trent., where distinguished himself most by canonist than as a theologian. Supreme Pontiff to the death of Pope Paul III was elected and remained in the Holy see from 1550 to 1555. As pontiff, presided over the Council of Trent. He/She strove to harmonize relations between the King of France and the Emperor; He/She issued numerous bulls in which said its high estimate by the order of the Jesuits, promoted the missions in the new world with the licenses granted to the Dominicans, Augustinian and Franciscan. It is one of the most criticized popes, among other many reasons the village of pleasure that was built with magnificence in the field. He/She died from a disease. Marcelo IIsucceeded him.