Biography of Décimo Junio Juvenal (50-140)

Famous satirical poet latino, born in Aquino between 50 and 60 ad, and died towards the 140 (likely he/she died in Egypt, where it had been banished). We know a few facts about his life. It seems that it belonged to a rich family and who received an important rhetorical education, since it appeared as a speaker before becoming a poet. He/She also acted as judge.

He is the author of 16 satires, the last incomplete, which appeared when Domitian died and opened a more tolerant climate under Nerva, Adriano and Trajan. There are sixteen satires, collected in five books, all remarkable for the energy and vehemence of style and, above all, by the accent of conviction with the poet to exhale their indignation against the vices of the century. The most famous are dealing of the nobility, the votes and women.

The first book the third towards the 120, appeared after the year 100, the second towards the 116, the fourth towards the 125 and the last after 127. It was linked to the Republican tradition peasant; that is why society is appears you totally corrupt, and does not feel able to amend it. For this reason, his satires provide a dramatic and brutal scoreboard. He/She evoked a sinister characters, since it wasn't you allowed to talk about or for the present nor the future. His satires reveal flaws and social injustice and indignity of the ruling classes. He/She obtained in all general applause, with the exception of one that spoke of the misery of the literati.