Biography of King of Babilonia Kadashman-Turgu (1297-1280 a.C.)

(Ka-dash-man-Tur-gu) Twenty fourth King of the 3rd dynasty of Babylon, son and successor of Nazi-Maruttashcassita. Kadashman-Turgu, before the military thrust of Assyria, chose its policy toward the country of Hatti, signing a Treaty of Alliance and mutual assistance with Khattusilis III. Kadashman-Turgu restored the ziqqurratu of Nippur, where deposited votive texts. It reached administrative texts, as well as the fragment of a letter sent to the King Hittite (located in Boghaz-koy with its corresponding answer) and various cameos, beads and votive stone disks devoted to gods. It was succeeded by his son Kadashman-Enlil II which, given his age, he/she was under the protection of the influential Officer (resh sharri) Itti-Marduk-balatu.