Biography of King of Egipto Kamose o Kamosis (1559-1552 a.C.)

(Kames or ms-Ka or Ka-msjwo) Last King of the 17TH dynasty Egyptian, successor of Seqenenre Taa, maybe his brother or, as others, her son. With Kamose, who had previously made a campaign in Nubia, actually began the war of expulsion against the Hyksos invaders. The facts we are known for two steles that had placed at Karnak under the direction of its Chief treasurers, called Neshi. (An incomplete, partially on the Carnarvon tablet, copied and other intact) refers to the reality of the country which was in the hands of the own Kamose, but whose power had to share with a "black" (sic) in Nubia, in the South, and with a hicso, in the North. Decides, therefore, in the third year of his Government, freeing Egypt, starting by launching an offensive against the North from Thebes, taking different enclaves, among them Neferusi, near Hermopolis. At no time, however, the stelae texts reveal Avaris, the capital hics, was actually taken. Kamose focused its activity around Thebes, performing some religious constructions. His mother was Queen Ahhotep II - if it was brother of Seqenenre Taa - or the Queen Satdjehuty - if this King's son. His daughter is called Satkamose, who had had his wife Ahhotep III. We do not know if he/she could conquer Memphis and if he/she died or not fighting. Be that as it may, it would be his brother, Ahmose I , who was reserved the total expulsion of the Hyksos. His tomb was located at the foot of the hills of Dra Abu el-Naga and his mummy was buried in a sarcophagus containing magnificent objects, but which originally was intended for a private individual. His brother Ahmose I, the initiator of the XVIII dynasty succeeded him on the throne.