Biography of King of Babilonia Kandalanu (647-626 a.C.)

(Kan-da-la-nu) Last King of the ninth dynasty of Babylon, successor to the throne of Shamash-shum-ukin. Kandalanu is virtually unknown as a person, because it knows nothing of his origin or his performance as King. After the events in the last years of the reign of Shamash-shum-ukin, confronted his brother Assurbanipal because of inheritance (what would lead it to death), the Babylonian throne you Kandalanu was offered by the own Assurbanipal, and was for this reason that comply with submission to Assyria. His twenty years of Government were dark; only known at the beginning of his reign antiasirias skirmishes led by Nabu-bel-shumati, which were met in 645 BC Although it has abundant documentation, dated in its time, it is no good to establish historical data. There have been authors who have suggested that Kandalanu was the "throne name" own Assurbanipal Assyrian Babylonian, but this hypothesis does not seem likely. After Kandalanu, Assyrian, enzarzada in internal struggles of dynastic character, it did not appoint a successor to Babylon, establishing as well an interregnum of one year controlled by the Assyrian general non-shumu-lishir, which put term the Chaldean Nabopolassar, who managed to establish his own dynasty in Babylon.