Biography of King of Babilonia Kara-Indash (1457-1416 a.C.)

(Ka-ra-in-da-ash) Tenth sixth King of the 3rd dynasty of Babylon cassita, successor of Burna-Buriash II (although some specialists do not recognize the existence of this). The work of Kara-indash focused mainly on the protection of the northern borders of their empire to obstruct the Assyrian expansion, which could slow down due to a treaty with Ashur-bel-nisheshu. At the same time, it engaged in diplomatic relations with the Egypt of Thutmosis III and Amenhotep II, sending rich present. A text alludes to the cassita King as "King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, King of the cassitas, King of Karduniash", name it applied thereafter to Babylon, as they document the Egyptian and Hittite texts. Resolved the dispute with the country of the sea, Kara-indash could carry out major construction in some of the ancient Sumerian cities, among them, Uruk, in whose district the √Čanna built an original temple to the goddess Inanna (Ishtar), according to test the arrival documentation (Uruk bricks). His son Kadashman-Kharbe Isucceeded him on the throne. His other son, Izkur-Marduk, has reached its seal in agate