Biography of Yaak Karsune (1934-VVVV)

German writer, born in Berlin in 1934.

After completing his high school studies completed between 1953 and 1955 three semesters of law, after which, and for two years, went to Theatre at the Max Reinhardt Theatre school classes. Karsunke was co-founder of the literary magazine Kurbiskern (gourd pipe), in front of which was between 1965 and 1968. In addition to various books of poetry and plays of agitation and propaganda, Karsunke has written numerous collaborations for newspapers, radio and television. He/She currently lives in Berlin and is dedicated exclusively to literature.

His first collection of poems appeared in 1967 under the title Kilroy & andere (Kilroy & others), a series of poems that are very closely related to the spirit which animated the student revolts of 1968, provocative language, deliberately simple, and written primarily to contribute to the formation of a specific political idea. In 1973 he/she premiered in Tübingen his work Die Bauernoper (the opera of the peasants) in which Marxist recreates the subject of the war of the German peasants in 1525 from a point of view. Historical theme is also Ruhrkampf-Revue (magazine of the struggle of the Ruhr, 1975) with which Karsunke is oriented towards the proletarian theatre of the Weimar Republic. The didactic tone of their theatrical productions can be also used in much of his poetry (da zwischen, there in the Middle, 1979; auf die gefahr hin, toward the danger, 1979;) Gespräche mit dem Stein, conversations with stone, 1992). Among his short prose include volumes Die Guillotine umkreisen (surround the guillotine, 1984) and Toter Mann (dead man, 1991).