Biography of King of Babilonia Kashtiliash IV (1242-1235 a.C.)

(Kash-til-ia-shu or Kash-til-ia-ash) Twenty eighth King of the 3rd dynasty of Babylon, son and successor of Shagarakti-shuriashcassita. Kashtiliash IV received from his father a precarious Babylon, although at first with sufficient military forces to attack some enclaves of the Euphrates (Rapiqum) and Assyria (Arrapha), which meant the rupture of the Treaty which in its day had agreed Babylonians and Assyrians. However, soon he/she was enclosed between Elamite, from the East, and Assyrian, fronts in the North and Northwest. By the Elam had to suffer an aggression caused by their King Untash-khumban, as it is known by a Stela found in Susa. Assyria, then ruled by the energetic Tukulti-ninurta I, also made a fierce campaign of retaliation against the traitor Babylon, to capture the own King cassita, that prisoner was brought to Assur. According to the triumphal texts of Tukulti-ninurta I, the Assyrian gripped the South of Mesopotamia, thus incorporating in fact Babylon to the Assyrian Empire, power which would then proceed to the dismantling of the fortifications and ramparts, the systematic plundering of cities and temples, as well as the killing and deportation of its inhabitants. Even the statue of the God Marduk, as recorded by the Babylonian Chronicle, captive was carried to Assyria along with a big booty. These events served as inspiration for the drafting of an epic poem entitled Tukulti-Ninurta epic. Kashtiliash IV votive inscriptions and arrived two kudurru with concessions and oaths. According to the Babylonian Royal Chronicle, he/she was succeeded by Enlil-nadin-shumi.