Biography of Diane Keaton (1946-VVVV)

American actress, whose real name is Diane Hall, although it is more commonly known as Diane Keaton, born in Los Angeles, California, on January 5, 1946. Daughter of an engineer, Jack Hall, and an art photographer, Dorothy Keaton, feel from small hobby to the theatre and music and takes part in amateur groups.

After high school he entered the universities in Santa Ana and Crange Coast. But he abandoned his studies for the theatre, since at the age of 19 he won a scholarship to study dramatic art, with Stanford Meisner, in New York. He combined his studies in dramatic art with music. Sing and dance with the Group The roadrunners.

His first theatre role came in the musical Hair. He made his debut on April 29, 1968 as best supporting actress. Then he landed the role of first female figure.

He met Woody Allen and, next to him, represented the theatre version of dreams of a seducer, which premiered on Broadway on January 12, 1969.

Thanks to this role, was able to debut in the film, since he was offered a role in the film Loverstand other strangers, in 1970. Two years later he took part in Coppola's Godfather. He worked in films by Woody Allen, as the sleeper (1973), the last night of Boris Grushenko (1975), and Annie Hall (1977), which won the Oscar for best performance. Other films in which took part in these years are a hundred ways of love (1976), looking to the Lord Goobar (1977), Manhattan (1979).

In 1981, she starred in Reds, along with Warren Beatty, which earned him the nomination for the Oscar for best actress.

His activity as Director began first with the short entitled What does Dörrie want? (1982), in which his sister Dörrie was subjected to an interrogation about what they'd like to do in life. A year later came the project of Heaven, his first feature film as Director and which was filmed in Los Angeles between November 1984 and February 1985.

In 1993 returned to acting under the orders of Woody Allen in the comedy, Manhattan murder mystery, film which was very well received by critics.

In 1996 he filmed comedy club the first wives, intervening where Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler. That same year he starred in Marvin s Room, interpretation, which earned him to be a candidate to 96 Oscar for best actress.

In 2004 he received the Golden Globe for his work when you least expect it.


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