Biography of Yasar Kemal (1923-VVVV)

Turkish writer whose real name is Kemal Sadik Gögkceli born in Hemite, South of the region of Anatolia, in 1923. Of humble rural origin, he/she published his first poems in 1942 in the newspaper Cumhuriyet in Istanbul, where he/she continued to collaborate since then; his first novel was titled the Hawk and was published in 1955 and translated into 30 languages. This novel was followed by the return of the Falcon (1969) and the trilogy closes with the Empire of the forty eyes. The work of Kemal reflects the harsh conditions of the less powerful classes of Turkey; in his defense of the weak, were sentenced in 1940 for his Socialist ideas and, in 1997, for his defense of the Kurdish minority. On October 19, 1997 he/she received the peace prize of the Association of publishers and booksellers Germans; the welcome address was read by Günter Grass.