Biography of King of Egipto Khamudy (ca. 1554 a.C.)

(Khmwdy) Last King hicso (the sixth or the seventh) of the 15th dynasty Egyptian. He/She was successor of Apofis and enemy of Ahmose I, who was forced to hand over its capital, Avaris. Khamudy, which is cited in the real Papyrus in Turin at the end of the dynasty hics, is collected in the manetoniana with the name of Assis tradition (Aseth) and Archles. Manetho assigns him forty-nine years and two months of Government, excessively long time. Thanks to a spearhead of a treasure trove of Avaris, whose entry contains a date, we can equate the year 11-12 Khamudy 18-19 of Ahmose I. Some Egyptologists believe that the dynastic name of Khamudy was Aasehre.