Biography of King of Egipto Khendjer (ca. 1754 a.C.)

(Khndjr) 10th fifth King of the 13th dynasty Egyptian, according to the real Turin Papyrus, and ruling military, probably of Asian origin. He/She is assumed that Khendjer acceded to the throne after leaving it vacant Sobekhotep II. Data allowing to evaluate the duration of his reign, although there is evidence of its fifth year will have no. His name's reign - neswt-bity, which was that of Userkare, with the Nimaatnetre variant in the wake of an official of Abydos (now in the Louvre). This onamastica duality has led to great literature, but today is agree that both belonged to him. Khendjer was built his pyramid of bricks, covered with tiles of limestone, and 37 m high, at Saqqara. In addition, he/she built a Palace and Abydos have been detected the remains of a chapel. At his death, and according to the real Papyrus in Turin, the throne passed to Mermesha.