Biography of King of Egipto Khian (ca. 1625 a.C.)

(Khyan) One of the first Hyksos 15th dynasty Egyptian kings, whose name may be Semitic or Hurrian (Khajanu). Khyam, called as name neswt bity Seuserenre, has been identified by some Egyptologists with the Apachnan of Manetho, author that assigned 36 years and seven months in Government. He/She succeeded Yaqobher and maintained commercial relations with the outside, if of the lid of an Alabaster vessel found in Knossos (Crete), a Leonine Sphinx of Baghdad (today in the British Museum), the fragment of a vessel of Obsidian in Boghaz-koy and escarabeos and cilindro-sellos found in Palestine. Khyam also built in Egypt; found a mallet with your name (Gebelein) and a statue of the Empire means - which had usurped - also marked with his name (in Bubastis). Some Egyptologists, Khyam was succeeded by Apofis, if you follow the version manetoniana of Josephus, but the discovery of a fragment of stone with the allusion to a "son of Khyam", name Khinassi (Khyan), calls into question such a succession.