Biography of King of Elam Khumban-Khaltash III (648-644 a.C.)

HUMBAN-HALTASH or (Khu-UM-BA-an-Khal-Ta-ash) Last Elamite King, son of the King also Attakh-Amiti-Inshushinak. However, it does not directly succeeded his father, but it had to wait for the opportunity, after a bloody civil war involving three candidates to the throne. Displaced the King Tammaritu II by Indabigash, Khumban-Khaltash III might happen to this general, who has had proclaimed King at Madaktu. Despite the policy of reforms and the Elamite territorial unit that Khumban-Khaltash III had succeeded, the invasion of the Assyrian troops of Assurbanipal, who in two campaigns sacked virtually throughout the country, desecrating temples and necropolis, prevented him from governing. For some historians, Khumban-Khaltash III was captured and deported to Nineveh in 644 BC, where it would die. Others argue that continued to reign some years more, to 638 BC, in Madaktu, but with a completely destroyed Elam.