Biography of Yrjö Kilpinen (1892-1959)

Composer finladés. He/She studied in Helsinki, Vienna, and Berlin. He/She worked as a music critic, and teacher to devote himself from 1925 exclusively to composition. Their production is almost exclusively composed of melodies, which composed more than 600, Finnish, German and Swedish issues. Highlights of Kanteletar-lauluja (64 tracks of Kateletar, Helsinki, from 1953-1954). In the interwar period his songs achieved great popularity in Germany; the majority of these compositions are adaptations of poetry in the form of traditional German poets lied. One of its main models was Hugo Wolf. Over the years evolving the style of their songs. In the texts finladeses adopted, on occasions, a ballad-like form and a large number of these melodies have as theme the Finnish landscape, with adaptations of poets of the country, what he/she has done to the music of Kilpien very popular in Finland.

He also composed six Sonatas and two Suites for piano (1943), a Suite for viola da gamba and piano (1939) and a Sonata for cello and piano (1951).


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