Biography of Eduardo Kingman Riofrío (1913-VVVV)

Ecuadorian painter, born in Loja in 1913. Very soon he travelled to Quito with his mother. There it became primary school attached to the Normal Juan Montalvo, to go immediately to the school of fine arts, where he developed his talent of artist influenced by the teachers Víctor Mideros and Luis Mideros. In 1931 he traveled to Guayaquil where alternated with artists and writers of the time and won life drawing for the newspaper El Universo. He began making exhibitions in 1933, but that opened the doors of Fame was the prize that was awarded to his oil painting El Carbonero, presented in the Municipal Hall of Quito "Mariano Aguilera" in 1936. Throughout his artistic career, Kingman has passed by the expressionism of his early years, his ideas socio-political; It has focused on indigenism reaching its deepest roots; abstraction, which would then leave to focus on agricultural issues in which exceeds the representation of the Indian destroyed and acanallado, to move towards a world of hope. In the Decade of 1940 he painted large murals such as the Instituto de Altos Estudios national, that of the chapel of the filosofado of San Gregorio and the Temple of the nation, among others. It has become famous by large and powerful hands that reflected in his paintings, which has earned him the nickname of "the painter of hands". In addition to the exhibitions made in his country, has also exhibited abroad: Bogotá (1938, 1956), Bautist Museum of San Francisco (1942), Caracas (1942, 1956), Washington (1946) Pan American Union, inter-American Bank of development (1971), Maxwell Galleries of San Francisco (1974), Paris (1976). In 1981 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held an exhibition retrospective with the most representative works of this dedicated man of life to art.

The awards include: National Prize for painting with three fabrics sent from New York in the 1940s; First prize of the V Salon of plastic arts in 1953; "Mariano Aguilera" award in 1959 with his work Yo neighbor. For his artistic work he has been awarded the medal to the artistic merit of the municipality of Guayaquil (1973) and the national award for merit in the degree of Commander (1975). He currently resides in San Rafael, 15 minutes from Quito, in his "La Posada de la Soledad" casa-campo, that he himself has conditioned for Museum, and where work continues on their works of art, with the seriousness and the requirement that have always characterized him.