Biography of Nastassja Kinski (1961-VVVV)

German film actress, whose real name is Nastassja Nakszynski, born in Berlin on January 24, 1961.


Daughter of actor Klaus Kinski and writer Ruth Brigitte, constant journeys of his father around the world led to schools of Rome, Munich, Caracas and New York. In the latter city he/she began his training as an actress attending to the kinds of Lee Strasberg at the Actor´s Studio. He/She debuted in cinema with just thirteen years in false movement (1974), by Wim Wenders, where played a deaf-mute. Thanks to a series of minor roles in European films which exploited its extraordinary beauty, became one of the great promises teenagers from late 1970s. During a trip to the Seychelles, which was made to pose as a model for "Vogue" magazine, he/she met Roman Polanski, who had a dream romance.

Tess (1980), by Polanski, was his first major role. This production of the French Claude Berri turned it on a known face and one of the biggest stars of the early 1980s. Nastassja played here his first role protagonist, Tess Durbeyfeld, daughter of a preacher whom his father instructs the d' D'urbervilles mansion to learn of his kinship with the aristocratic family. There he/she is seduced by Alec, the then Lord of d'Uberville, and knows what will be his true love, Angel. The adaptation of the novel by Thomas Hardy, one of the great classics of English literature of the nineteenth, got several Oscar, which allowed the whole world to be set on Nastassja.

Her first American role came in hunch (1982), Francis Ford Coppola, another work of extraordinary recreation of environments, an unusual musical in which the Kinski gave life to a mysterious woman. His next film was the kiss of the Panther (1982), Paul Schrader, usual screenwriter for Martin Scorsese. It was a revision of the classic of terror woman Panther (1942), Jacques Tourner, where Schrader moved away completely from the spirit of the original and Nastassja got one of its most surprising and difficult interpretations in a role which exploited to the maximum its feline and mysterious beauty.

At the beginning of the 1980s, he/she founded a production and distribution company film called, like his character in hunch, Leila. In 1984 he/she married Ibrahim Moussa, with whom he/she had a son. His family life was aside from the film during the following years, in which increasingly chose less papers. After a series of minor films that in the majority of cases were not at their height, in 1984 he/she played another of the big roles of his career in Paris, Texas, where again to meet Wim Wenders. Although Nastassja Kinski appeared only at the end of the film, his character was central in the development of the action, to be the object of the search of the protagonist, Travis (played by Harry Dean Stanton), a man who had lost her memory and wanted to recover his past, his wife and his son. In the final sequence, almost half an hour duration, is with her husband in the cockpit of a peepshow where he/she works.

That same year he/she made another great interpretations of his career as the protagonist of the lovers of María (1985), of Andrei Konchalovsky. It interpreted the Virgin Bride of a soldier, played by John Savage, who upon returning from the second world war can not consummate their marriage because of a nervous breakdown. Robert Mitchum played the father of the young soldier and Nastassja Kinski gave life to one of its most emotional roles, only comparable to its appearance in Paris, Texas, and away from the coldness that had become too common in his previous appearances on the screen. The birth of their second daughter, from her relationship with musician and producer Quincy Jones, further interpretation away it: only appears in small supporting roles or films for friends, as so far, so close (1993), by Wim Wenders. In 1997 starring with Wesley Snipes after a night of Briton Mike Figgis, the last great role until such time as this actress.


1975: False movement; Poseida.1977 nun: no Virgin in the colegio.1978: as well as eres.1980: Tess.1982: gut feeling; The kiss of the Panther; Just for your amor.1983: A bait called Elisabeth; The Moon in the brook; Symphony of spring; Infielmente tuya.1984: the hotel New Hampshire; Paris, Texas.1985: Harem; María lovers; Revolucion.1987: Maladie d'amour. 1989: In a notte di chiaro di luna; The year of rains torrenciales.1990: Magdalene; Il segreto; Il sole anche di notte.1991: L'alba. 1992: the bionda.1993: so far, so cerca.1994: speed terminal.1995: destruction total.1997: A mess father; After a night out.

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