Biography of King of Elam Kiten-khutrán (1235-1210 a.C)

(Kidin-Hudrudih or Ki-din-khu-ud-ru-dish) Last King of the Irikhalkida dynasty, collected in the chronic real P, as well as in some inscriptions of the Elamite King also Shilkhak-Inshushinak I. Kiten-khutran was son of King Pahir-ishshan and reached the throne to the death of his brother Unpatar-napirisa. Taking advantage of the political and economic crisis of the Babylon of Enlil-nadin-shumi, Kiten-khutran attacked South, taking over Nippur and Der hand, cities that devastated and that deported to their survivors. He/She later returned to attack Babylon, then controlled by Adad-shum-usur. After crossing the Tigris River, it seized Isin and Marad and, after looting them, returned to the Elam without resistance. Kiten-Khutran have not survived historical texts, but if references to restorations in Susa and Liyan. The end of the Elamite King ignored, although historians are decanted by two theories: have died during a clash against the Assyrian Tukulti-Ninurta I, in the South of Mesopotamia, either have been deleted in the own Elam during a revolt. With this King disappeared the Igekhalkida dynasty.