Biography of Robert Krasker (1913-1981)

British Director of photography born in Perth (Western Australia) on August 21, 1913 and died in London on August 16, 1981.

The career of this Australian operator began to consolidate was primarily from the 1940s and led him to become one of the great names of British cinema. Until this occurs, he worked as a camera and brought its know-how to some of the most popular titles of the adventure film, as Rembrandt (1936), Alexander Korda, future life (1936), William Cameron Menzies, revolt in India (1938) and the four feathers (1939), both by Zoltan Korda, and the thief of Bagdad (1940), of Michael Powell, among others.

From these early works continued to shelter of Alexander Korda, one of the film industry Moguls productions of the United Kingdom. His shadow was commissioned to photograph of movies directed by Laurence Olivier (Enrique V, 1944), David Lean (brief encounter, 1945) and, above all, Carol Reed, with whom he collaborated in long is the night (1947) and, especially, in the third man (1949), which received a nomination to the Oscar and tape that established him internationally. The film, based on the novel by Graham Greene, brings a dynamic, agile and very contrasted - photography primarily famous scenes of persecution by the sewers - where the shadows that succeeds in making give the film a mysterious essence.

In the 1950s moved to different countries to work under the orders of Directors as Luchino Visconti (which ends the film Senso, 1954), John Ford and Joseph l. Mankiewicz. In Spain participated in some of the American blockbuster movies that were shot from the end of the Decade, including those directed by Robert Rossen (Alejandro Magno, 1956) and the work of Anthony Mann for Samuel Bronston, El Cid (1961), and the fall of the Roman Empire (1964).


1942: rose of Tralee. 1943: The Saint Meets the Tiger; The Lamp Still Burns. 1944: Henry V. 1946: brief encuentro.1947: long is the night; Uncle Silas.1948: The last Estuardo.1949: the third man. 1950: The Angel with the Trumpet; State Secret. 1951: The Wonder Kid; Cry, the Beloved Country. 1952: Another Man's Poison. 1953: Do not forsake me; The Malta Story. 1954: Romeo and Juliet; Senso 1955: The Princess of Eboli. 1956: Alejandro Magno; Trapeze. 1957: stories of Ireland; The Story of Esther Costello.1958: Behind the Mask.1959: the night is my enemy; The Doctor's Dilemma.1960: The Criminal. 1961: Romanoff and Juliet; The Cid. 1962: Guns of Darkness; The infernal frigate. 1963: The price of a death. 1964: The fall of the Roman Empire. 1965: The collector; The heroes of Telemark. 1966: The trap.