Biography of King of Babilonia Kurigalzu II (1345-1324 a.C.)

(Ku-ri-gal-zu) Twenty second dynasty of Babylon cassita III King. It was son probably of Burna-Buriash II and came to the throne after a period of crisis, during which the cassitas had been deposed and executed the young King Kara-khardash (whose mother was the daughter of the King of Assyria, Ashur-uballit I) and set in place an unknown character, Nazi-missmetamorphic. At the time, Assur-uballit I deposed the usurper Nazi-missmetamorphic and placed Kurigalzu II on the throne. While this cassita King owed his throne to the Assyrians, it did not hesitate to later fight the successor of Ashur-uballit I, called Enlil-nirari, managing to set new borders apparently more favourable to Babylon. Also, according to a Chronicle, Kurigalzu II also defeated the Elamite ruler Khurpatila, Dur-Shulgi, and according to an inscription on a statue of Susa, also won the territory of Markhashe. Other texts speak of capture of a Palace of the Elamite city of Shasha (perhaps Susa), which may be connected with Bell told the Chronicle. Kurigalzu II maintained good relations with Egypt and refused to become part of a coalition of princes of Palestine against such power. It also carried out a vast policy of religious buildings - especially restorations-in Dur-Kurigalzu, Isin and Nippur, Uruk and Ur. Kurigalzu II have reached different objects (seals, figurines, sceptres, amulets and a kudurru). He/She was succeeded by Nazi-maruttash.