Biography of Jacques Lacan (1901-1981)

French psychoanalyst, born in Paris on April 13, 1901 and died in the same city on September 9, 1981, who founded the psychoanalytic stream called lacanismo.

Lacan was formed in the psychiatric School of Kretschmer, Kraepelin and Clérambault. It soon became Psychiatry presenting his first lecture at an International Congress of psychoanalysis, on the stage of the mirror (1936). In 1953 he/she founded the Société française de Psychanalyse. He/She always maintained a critical attitude against the traditional model University, where teaching works such as the transmission of already given knowledge, characteristic antithetical to research. Its aim is a return to Sigmund Freud as appropriate procedure to the psychoanalytic field capable of preserving its specificity. In Lacanian psychoanalysis, the attention of the psychoanalyst will concentrate on the signifiers that insist on the discourse of the subject in analysis, being more important not it tells "what", but "how" it has. Analyst entrusts to the subject position Analyzer. From here its exasperatedly critical position against everything that remember an intellectualized, adaptive, normative or next to the traditional medical speech therapy.

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