Biography of Pierre-Ambroise François Choderlos de Laclos (1741-1803)

French novelist, born at Amiens in 1741 and died in Taranto in 1803.

He was military profession and reached the degree of brigadier-general. During the revolution, he was a member of the Jacobin club and active supporter of the policy of the Duke of Orleans. Arrested in 1793 and released in strange circumstances, he continued his military career with Napoleon. He died while participating in the campaign of Italy.

Literary fame ensues you by his only novel Les liaisons dangereuses (dangerous liaisons), published in 1782. Therein, it collects, combines, remodels and imitates all the trends and all styles of the epistolary novel of the century. Using the narrative technique of the exchange of letters, which performs its functions within the novel, Laclos develops an analysis of the passions of the protagonists - on the one hand, we find two corrupt characters Valmont and Merteuil, the figure central, and, on the other, three characters seemingly innocent Dancery, Cécile de Volanges, and the President Tourvel - to draw, with delicate tones while the cruela disturbing and cleverly corrupted world. The novel ends with the defeat of the Libertines. In this way, Laclos presents an aristocracy corrupt with a clearly satirical intent.