Biography of Yago Lamela (1977-2014)

Yago Lamela.

Spanish athlete, born July 24, 1977 in Avilés (Asturias) and died on May 8, 2014, in the same place, world runner-up in jump length and absolute national record holder with a mark of 8,56 meters.

It showed impressive athletic qualities since childhood and was also a good student. Outstanding computer science, he/she studied at the University of Oviedo. In his seasons as a junior was proclaimed champion of Spain in long and triple jump runway covered in 1995 and repeated in 1994 and 1995 and in length wins triple jump outdoor in 1996. Two years later, was national champion the promise in the two disciplines.

However, their coach Juan José Azpeitia encouraged him to specialize in the length and abandon the triple jump. Since then the trajectory of Lamela began to progress. In 1998, at the European indoor Valencia jumped 7.95 meters and took fifth place. Your brand amounted to 8, 18 meters in Arganda, in the League of clubs. He/She was finalist at Budapest with a leap of 7.93, in the course of the European Championships. The 8.22 jumped at the Memorial Cagigal in the Palacio of the sports of Madrid, and in the Championship of Spain managed to repeat this brand. It became absolute national champion in 1999 indoor and treasured the last three Championships (1998-1999 - 2000) in outdoor competition.

On March 7, 1999 he/she made a jump of 8,56 meters and with him won the silver medal in the world indoor disputed in Maebashi, Japan. Gold took him on that occasion Iván Pedroso with a leap of 8.62 meters. With his new record, Lamela achieved the European record and the fourth-best mark of all time. There were only ahead of him in those moments, Carl Lewis, with 8.79 e Iván Pedroso, with the 8.62 that made him world champion. His unexpected irruption to the sporting world of the Spanish Athletics Federation, made extending you bread DH scholarship support with a view to their attendance at the Olympic Games in Sydney in the year 2000.

In June of that year Yago got in Guadalajara Spain record and the best global brand of the year in long, with 8,49 m jump. The previous record, also in the possession of the Asturian athlete, was 8.26 meters and dated to the month of May. In the World Championships of Athletics to outdoor celebrated in Seville in 1999, Lamela returned to make an outstanding competition and won the Silver Medal with a jump of 8,40 m, in a thrilling duel with the Cuban Iván Pedroso who, in the end, hung the gold.

Despite the hopes that were on it before the Sydney 2000 games, world runner-up could not recover completely from an injury, had a disappointing performance in the Olympics and was eliminated with a best jump of 7.89 meters. Some months later, Lamela decided to break with the man who had directed all of his sporting career, Juanjo Azpeitia, and trusting your workouts coach Juan Carlos Álvarez. He/She also left his club life La Avilesina and his residence in Asturias to moving to Madrid with the hope of regaining the high level that showed in Seville. However, the young Spaniard athlete failed to overcome his physical and mental problems and was absent from the most important event of the season, the Edmonton World Championships (Canada) 2001, where its arch rival, the Cuban Iván Pedroso, achieved his fourth world title.

In the last days of December of that year, Lamela moved to Valencia to work under the tutelage of Rafael Blanquer, preparer specialist jumpers that already had among his pupils with world champion Niurka Montalvo. The change had the desired effect and Lamela returned to regain confidence in its possibilities. Demonstrated in the first big event of the season, the Europeans of indoor in Vienna ' 2002, where with a contest in clear progression (8.04, 8.11, 8.14; 8.13 and 8.17) achieved the silver medal behind the also Spanish Raúl Fernández (8.22). In the same season, also climbed on the podium in the Europeans outside of Munich to hang the bronze medal. In the cup of the world of athletics, disputed at the end of the year in Madrid, it occupied the third position after Stringfellow American and Cuban Pedroso.

The calendar for the 2003 season represented a real litmus test that the Asturian confirmed the recovery of its level and already in the first calls established with 8.43 metres the best world mark of the year. Thus won by own credit condition of favorite in indoor World Championships, held in Birmingham, but finally American Dwight Phillips surpassed his last and best jump (8.28) in a centimeter and Lamela could only hang up the silver medal. Despite the frustration, did not lack emotion in the contest of the Asturian athlete who competed injured from his second attempt.

In June in Germany managed a leap of 8.44 meters and in the month of August, just days before the appointment mundialistica, reached 8.53 meters, its best brands since 1999. With these records, Lamela travelled to Paris in order to become a new champion of the world of the specialty, and until the day of the final, held very high expectations. He/She went to the World Cup with the best mark of the year, in an extraordinary moment of form and likely to make profitable the absence of the world record holder Iván Pedroso. Still, American Dwight Phillips and the Jamaican James Beckford preceded him on the podium and Lamela, with a best jump of 8.22 meters, had to settle for the bronze medal.

The next important event of his career, the Olympics, held in Athens in August 2004, was not resolved satisfactorily for the Asturian jumper. Went to the eleventh since, with a discreet brand of 7.98 m shortly thereafter underwent an operation on the Achilles tendon, in Finland, whose recovery was delayed because of a traffic accident. In 2006, shortly before his comeback in the competition, Lamela returned to injury. In April 2007 it went back in the operating room because of a tendinosis, the operation was successful, but one twin in a training break forced him to leave. Finally, on March 11, 2009 he/she officially announced his retirement from athletics, two days since German Sebastian Bayer snatched him the European record for long jump in track covered with a brand of 8.71 meters, at the European Championships held in Turin.