Biography of Francisco Lameyer y Berenguer (1825-1877)

Painter, draftsman and etcher Spanish, born in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) in 1825, and died in the capital of Spain in 1877. Child moved with his family to Madrid, and from a young age, worked in this city with the engraver Vicente Castelló. He/She was an artist accommodated and had the official charge of administration of the Navy. His circle of friends included Alenza, Fortuny or the Madrazo. Section of other occupations, surrendered wholly to art and toured France in order to soak up more advanced currents. for seasons, he/she lived in Bordeaux and Paris, to finally return to Madrid, where he/she died.

Considered one of the most conspicuous artists of the romantic school, he/she immediately showed a marked aesthetic neighborhood with thematic approaches to the work of don Francisco de Goya, affinity which was well reflected in the paintings of taurine matter Lameyer composed; among them, it is required to emphasize the series of six landscape lithographs published in 1845 in the lithograph of the artists. In addition, he/she worked for the picturesque weekly and picturesque century; among other works, as recorder highlights its illustration of the Andalusian scenes of Serafín Estébanez Calderón.

Lameyer was, without a doubt, one of the best artists of his century; with the pencil and brushes, highlighted in a subject that fascinated throughout his century: Muslim or Eastern theme painting, in which both shone the father of romantic painters, Delacroix, and where his friend, Fortuny was consummate master.