Biography of Jessica Lange (1949-VVVV)

American film actress, born on April 20, 1949 in Cloquet (Minnesota).


In the year of 1976, he/she began his film career, as "the girl" of the second version of King Kong, which rolled John Guillermin. Woman of great beauty, perfectly weathered the comparison with its mythical predecessor Fay Wray.

In 1979 intelligent and brilliant Bob Fosse gave him a supporting role, as "the death" begins the show, where it was home to Roy Scheider in one of the best interpretations of this actor. Away from the traditional image of the character, Lange appeared as a bride calm and friendly.

At first it seemed doomed to act in roles of pretty woman exploiting a physical classic and original at the same time, but, with dramatic talent and a fine intelligence, his work in the postman always calls twice in 1981 under the direction of Bob Rafelson, it showed that Lange was much more than photogenic. Still in the memory of viewers the torrid scene of sex with Jack Nicholson on a table. His body and his gesture was composed a sequence that has been as exemplary in the cinematic eroticism of recent years.

It is a woman concerned about the social and political problems of the time which you live, what, regardless of his own personality, has contributed its relationship as a couple with the director, actor and writer Sam Shepard. He/She has excelled in the choice of roles, which allowed him to win the Oscar for best actress for her character in Tootsie (1982), precisely the same year that was about to get the same prize the best actress by his incarnation of the controversial protagonist of the French film. (Subsequently also be nominated for the Oscar for his work on our land, sweet dreams and music box). The second Oscar of his career would take him for things that never die (1994).

In 1992 he/she debuted on Broadway in the adaptation of Tennessee Williams's a streetcar named desire and in 2009, in New York with the adaptation of the novel by Mercé Rodoreda, diamond square.

His film career since the year 2000 has been focused on supporting roles. His latest works include nation Prozac (2001), Big Fish (2003) by Tim Burton, calling the gates of Heaven (2005), the journey of our life (2006), etc. It has also participated in series and films for television as Normal (2003), which was nominated for the Golden Globe and Emmy for best actress; Sybil (2007), another film for television that was nominated for best actress this time at the Prism Awards; or American Horror Story (2011), television series where he/she works since 2011, whose work has been recognized with a Golden Globe for best actress.

More inclined to dramatic interpretations that the comedy, is one of the women in the atmosphere of Hollywood, that moves with greater discretion, without neglecting therefore covers, festivals or awards. Also, one of its most appealing qualities, and that shows the fineness of his temperament is that it has managed to adapt papers own your age unless this has meant him no problem or psychological, or of understanding the reality of the passage of time.

Lange is, at least in appearance, a solid, educated and balanced, actress that her beauty has not served only wrap. After his intense career, is still thinking about that one more interesting characters who has performed, while the criticisms were not very favorable, was Blanche du Bois in a streetcar named desire that he/she produced on Broadway with Alec Baldwin and years later led to the television.

Among his achievements are numerous nominations by other many works, having obtained 5 Golden Globes, in various categories, for his work on King Kong, Tootsie, the things that never die, the television version of a streetcar named desire and American Horror Story. The Los Angeles Critics Association awarded it for his work on the things that never die; his work in Tootsie deserved him, also the award of the National Association of American film critics and the New York Film Critics Circle. In 2002, his career was recognized with the Premio Donostia of the Festival of cinema of San Sebastián. In 2009 granó the Emmy Award to the best actress in a Miniseries or Telefilm for her performance in Grey Gardens.


1976: King-Kong. 1979: Showtime. 1980: How to Beat the High Cost of Living. 1981: The postman always rings twice. 1982: French; Tootsie.1984: Our land (and producer). 1985: sweet dreams. 1986: Crimes of the heart. 1988: Far North; When I fall. 1989: The music box. 1991: The Cape of fear. 1992: Night and the city. 1994: Things that never die. 1995: Rob Roy (the passion of a rebel); Losing Isaiah. 1997: You inherit the Earth. 1998: Hush; Cousin Bette. 1999: Titus.2001: Prozac Nation; Masked % 26amp % 3B Anonymous. 2003: Big Fish. 2005: Broken Flowers. 2006: Bonneville. 2009: grey Gardens. 2012: The Vow.

Works in video:1990: men do not leave.

Works for television:1985: Cat on the roof of zinc. 1992: OR! Pioneers. 1994: a Century of Cinema; A Century of Women (series. Only voice); Inside the Actors Studio. 1995: a Streercar Named Desire. 2003: Normal. 2011: American Horror Story.