Biography of Dominique Lapierre (1931-VVVV)

Dominique Lapierre

Writer and French journalist, born in Châtelaillon (Charente-Inférieure) on July 30, 1931, famous for its best-seller, written in collaboration with writer Larry Collins, and her book, alone, the city of joy.

Son of a diplomat who had served in the United States, Great Britain, Syria and Lebanon, began his career as a professional journalism at age 17, when the daily Le Monde published his first article, "A dollar per 1,000 kilometers", which had their experiences during a trip to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Thanks to this article, he got a scholarship to study at the University La Fayette, Pennsylvania (United States), where he graduated in political economy. At that time he met a young French woman who worked for the magazine Harper completo Bazaar. He married her and they made a trip around the world with $300 in his pocket. The result was a book that appeared in 1953, honeymoon around the world. Returning to France, he entered the drafting of Paris Match, in which he remained until 1967. During that time he became known with a large number of reports and came to be regarded as "L'Enfant terrible" journalism.

In 1954, while he was serving his military service as a Sergeant interpreter at the headquarters of NATO, he met Larry Collins, which was intended as a corporal in the U.S. Army. That date was born a great friendship between them, which later became a literary marriage. At the beginning of the 1960s made public the archives of Hitler and, along with Collins, he began to inquire about them. They discovered that when the allies were advancing on Paris, Hitler ordered destroyed, arson and raze the city. These investigations resulted in the book would burn Paris? (1964), by which sold four million copies.

Shortly after they were commissioned to write a book about the figure of the Spanish Bullfighter Manuel "El Cordobés" Benítez. Immediately moved to Palma del Rio, the hometown of the Bullfighter with the aim to investigate his life for fifteen days. The two weeks became two years and emerged the book...Or you'll mourn me (1967), not entirely published in Spain until after Franco's death.

In his next book Oh, Jerusalem (1971), they reported the formation of the State of Israel by Jews, in 1948. Its success was immediate, with the particularity that it was both in Israel and in the Arab countries. Later, impressed by the figure of Gandhi, wrote tonight, freedom (1975).

Already tired of writing about historical events, began to attract them with the idea of writing a book in which to establish a hypothesis about factors and actual behaviors. To develop his fiction they organized a team of researchers who traveled the world for four years analyzing what would happen if a group of Palestinian terrorists threatened to explode a bomb concealed H in New York. Thus arose the fifth rider, which was published in 1980.

After writing this book, Lapierre told him Collins his decision to take a few years of vacation in La India. Once established in Calcutta, there, wrote in solo city of joy (1985), which sold millions of copies. Pope Juan Pablo II, excited about reading the book, granted a private audience at the Vatican to discuss the message of the same.

He donated half of author's rights to the neighborhood of miserable of Calcutta that is based on the novel, as well as the money received for the rights of the film, released in 1991. Since then donate to a charity of that city, which created with help of the French Government, the yearly amount of one million dollars, is earmarked for clinics, schools, workshops for rehabilitation of lepers, etc. In addition, he works actively for it giving lectures.

Five years after the appearance of his latest book, in May 1990, he published in Spain the novel bigger than love, with the disease of AIDS as a central theme. He dedicated to her four years of work and conducted more than 200 interviews with doctors, patients and researchers. The work, which were sold in France, in just two months, more than one million copies in print, was one of the best-selling in the book fair of Madrid and in several countries of Latin America.

In 1997 was responsible for writing the script for a series on the life of mother Teresa of Calcutta, which the religious did not authorize. Finally this project stayed in the Telefilm titled Mother Teresa: in the name of the poor of God. Also, in November 1997 his book thousand suns, where he reviewed the facts that the writer has participated throughout his professional career and his dreams, but rejects the label of autobiographical he presented in Spain.

Although he left daily journalism, occasionally performs reports on important events that occur in the world or issues of human Court, as "The long death of my brother Boris," in 1992, "Christmas in Calcutta", in 1994. After twenty-four years of separation, he returned to join Collins to write do Burns New York? (2004), a novel where both authors prophesied a nuclear attack in Manhattan.

In 2006 hit bookstores once upon a time the USSR, that Lapierre recounts a long and bumpy car journey by Soviet roads in 1956. Accompanied by the photographer Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini and both wives, Lapierre could learn in that time, when he was working as a journalist for Paris Match, life during the Communist regime, "which was intended to make people believe that it was the happiest in the world, but was destroying the soul of the people".