Biography of Stan "el Flaco" Laurel (1890-1965)

Actor, screenwriter, director, and producer of American cinema, whose real name was Arthur Stanley Jefferson, born in Ulvertson, Cumbria, England (United Kingdom), on June 16, 1890, and died on February 23, 1965 in Santa Mónica, California (United States).


Son of a theatrical entrepreneur (who also acted, directed, and wrote works) and a light comedy, the "skinny" future actress made her debut on the stage at age 16 in the Pickard's Museum, a small theatre in Glasgow (Scotland), and continued played comic and dramatic roles in various works in theaters, as well as dance and do clown in the British Music Hall. In 1910, he joined the famous company of the impresario Fred Karno and became Deputy of Charlie Chaplin in the first tour of the United States that same year.

In 1911 he left the group to try their luck in the American vaudeville and enlisted in company ' A Night in an English Music Hall'. When the Karno company returned in 1913 to the United States, he returned to be the alternate for Chaplin. At the end of his contract, he decided to change the name and remain in North America, where was gradually becoming an important niche in the Music Hall. Finally, in 1917 he debuted on the big screen with the film's two coils Nuts in May, starting a film career that went through various studies.

With the Universal made a series of short films playing a unique character, Hickory Hiram. In 1919, Laurel appeared in a series of comedies that parodied famous moments of the most successful films in those years. At the beginning of the 1920s, he was signed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, which helped in the direction and played a series of popular films in a unit that is supervised by the famous 'Broncho Billy', Gilbert M. Anderson. In 1926, signed a contract with Hal Roach (which already had previously worked) as a writer of gags and director, but shortly afterwards, due to the bad time that passed the company, be prompted him to return to the interpretation. Thus, the same year coincided in a film (forty-five minutes from Hollywood), but not as a couple, that would be his future companion for the next twenty-four years, Oliver Hardy. Together they formed a duo that made history in the film: 'el gordo y el flaco'.

Joint Laurel and Hardy race

Although they returned to place them together in the film Slipping Wives (1927), not formed official partner until a few months later, with Putting Pants on Philip (1927), comedy that you got such a success that they did not return to never separate. Short films were going on and the public soon, Laurel and Hardy, which in a short time had defined their personal characteristics in screen-worshipping. The first was the skinny and wore excessively loose clothing; It was awkward and used to cause all the excesses that were happening to him the couple. Hardy, however, was that supported all these disasters and blows with total scepticism, with a patience that had almost Holiness; It was the fat, and as his partner, their costumes used to lack style, but in your case, being always a few sizes smaller than that demanded his body. With the passage of time their gags were refining and its films quickly became small masterpieces of humor, as for example Leave' Em Laughing (1928), a pair of marine (1928) or eye for an eye (1929).

When the sound arose, his jokes and his clownish style continued to function perfectly, and although they always believed that your site was in the short film, the growing popularity of the cartoon forced them to evolve towards the 'long'. However, between 1930 and 1935 they carried out about a dozen of short films that today are considered the best of the couple, including the winner of the Oscar The Music Box (1932). In 1931, became his first feature film, boat by boat, James Parrott, who had a great acceptance of the followers of Stan and Ollie (as they were known in the United States). Then came the classics: the grandfather of the creature (1932), George Marshall and Ray McCarey; the masterful fellow spree (1933), William A. Seiter, which also appeared another genius from the mute, Charley Chase; and the hilarious version of the operetta by Victor Herbert ('Babes in Toyland') there was once two heroes (1934), Gus Meins and Charles R. Rogers.

Its decline began when they signed with major studios (Fox, Metro Goldwyn Mayer), which forced the duo to simulate the aspects most black and sarcastic of its comedies, denied them the freedom enjoyed by with Roach, and forced them to accept soft hyphens and without malice. Yet emerged some jewels of the comedy, like Laurel and Hardy in the West (1937), and James W. Horne sailors to force (1940), GordonDouglas.

After five years without making films together, since Bullfighters (1945) force, Mal St. Clair, convinced them to join in a French production of little relevance, unique Atomic (1950), of Léo Joannon, which marked the definitive end of a memorable couple who for many years created a poetic style, only developed successfully by themselves, and a brilliant comic structure, where each had a role perfectly complemented by the other. Together revolutionized the comedy of the last twenty years and the first half of the 1930s.

Filmography of Stan Laurel

As an actor: 1917: Nuts in May; The Evolution of Fashion. 1918: Whose Zoo; Phoney Photos; No Place Like Jail; Just Rambling Along; Huns and Hyphens; Hoot Mon; Frauds and Frenzies; Do You Love Your Wife?; Bears and Bad Men; Hickory Hiram; Completo it Great to Be Crazy. 1919: Scars and Stripes; Mixed Nuts; Hustling for Health. 1920: Wild Bill Hiccup; Under Two Jags; Rupert of Hee-Haw; Oranges and Lemons. 1921: The Rent Collector. 1922: The Weak-End Party; The Pest; Mud and Sand; A Lucky Dog; The Egg. 1923:the Whole Truth; White Wings; When Knights Were Cold; The Soilers; Short Orders; Scorching Sands; Save the Ship; Ebony Africa; Pick and Shovel; The Noon Whistle; Mother's Joy; A Man About Town; Kill and Cure; The Handy Man; Gas and Air; The Garage; Frozen Hearts; Collars and Cuffs. 1924: Zeb vs. Paprika; Wide Open Spaces; West of Hot Dog; Smithy; Short Kilts; Postage Due; Near Dublin; Monsieur Don't Care; Detained; Brothers Under the Chin. 1925:twins; Somewhere in Wrong; The Snow Hawk; The Sleuth; Foot-Eyed; Navy Blues Days; Mandarin mix-up; Half a Man; Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde; Cowboys Cry for It. 1926: On the Front Page; Get ' Em Young; Atta Boy. 1927: Should Tall Men Marry?; Seeing the World; Now I'll Tell One; Eve's Love Letters.

As the Assistant of direction: 1926: Raggedy Rose; Never Too Old; Merry Widower; Madame Mystery.

As producer: 1936: two pairs of twins. 1937: Laurel and Hardy in the West. 1938: Knight of the Plains (p. Executive); Songs and Bullets (Executive P.).

As Director: 1925: Yes, Yes, Nanette; Wandering Papas; Unfriendly Enemies; Moonlight and Noses. 1926: Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes. 1927: Flaming this page.

As a screenwriter: 1923: The Garage. 1933: Twice Two; Me and My Pal; Busy Bodies.1934: Them Thar Hills.1935: Tit for Tat; Thicker Than Water (history); Bonnie Scotland.

El Gordo y el Flaco

Joint Filmography of Laurel and Hardy:

1926: Forty-five Minutes from Hollywood.1927: The Rap; Let George Do It; In the stone age; Duck Soup; Slipping Wives; Love ' Em and Weep; Why Girls Love Sailors; With Love and Hisses; Sugar Daddies; Sailors; The Second Hundred Years; Call of the Cuckoo; It was hats; Do Detectives Think?; Putting Pants on Philip; The battle of the century. 1928: Leave ' Em Laughing; The Finishing Touch; From Soup to Nuts; You're Darn Tootin'; Their Purple Moment; Should Married Men Go Home?; Early to Bed; A couple of sailors; Habeas Corpus; We Faw Down. 1929: Hollywood Revue; Freedom; Wrong Again; I present my wife; Eye for an eye; Unaccustomed As We Are; His Royal Highness; Berth Marks; Men O'War; A field day; They Go Boom; Bacon Grabbers; Prisoners; Angora Love. 1930: The song of the steppe; Thieves; Blotto; Two good guys; Below zero; Radiomania; Night goblins; You skulls them. 1931: Pot in pot; Sous les verrous; The Slippery Pearls; Les Carottiers; Be Big!; Chickens Come Home; Laughing Gravy; The skulls; Politicking; Our Wife; The cinnamon; Why work?; Heroes of tack; On the Loose.1932: the grandfather of the creature; Helpmates; Any Old Port!; The Music Box; The Chimp; County Hospital; Scram!; Their First Mistake; Towed in a Hole. 1933: Fra Diavolo; Twice Two; Me and My Pal; The Midnight Patrol; Busy Bodies; Wild Poses; Dirty Work; Companions of spree. 1934: There was once two heroes; A party in Hollywood; Oliver the Eighth; Going bye-bye!; Them Thar Hills; The Live Ghost. 1935: Two Fusiliers without bullet; Tit for Tat; The Fixer Uppers; Thicker Than Water.1936: A couple of Gypsies; Two pairs of twins; On the Wrong Trek. 1937: Laurel and Hardy in the West; Pick a Star. 1938: Cheese and kisses; Heads of Plover. 1939: Crazy in the air. 1940: students at Oxford; Sailors to the force. 1941: Great Guns. 1942: Which pair of crazy! 1943: Air Raid Wardens; JitterBugs; The Dancing Masters; Tree in a Test Tube. 1944: The Big Noise; Nothing But Trouble.1945: Laurel and Hardy bullfighters. 1950: Atomic unique.

Productions with your images: 1957: The Golden Age of Comedy. 1960: When Comedy Was King.1963: 30 Years of Fun. 1964: Completo MGM Big Parade of Comedy.1965: Laurel and Hardy completo Laghing 20's. 1967: The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy.1968: The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy. 1970: Four Clowns.