Biography of Xavier Le Pichon (1937-?)

French Geophysicist born in 1937, who helped develop the theory of plate tectonics.

Le Pichon carried out multiple investigations of the internal dynamics of the Earth's crust; He/She made numerous observations of oceanic crust, especially in the dorsal of the Pacific and graves circunpacificas, which allowed him to develop fundamental theories in the context of the Geodynamics. Until then in Geodynamics is distinguished only between mantle, oceanic crust and continental crust; After the work of Le Pichon was introduced the terms of lithosphere (constituted by the continental crust and the upper part of the mantle), and asthenosphere (part fluid mantle).

Le Pigeon demonstrated that the lithosphere was made up of a set of rigid units delimited by rifts (mid-oceanic ridges) and (ocean trenches) subduction zones, from which the movement of these plates (geology) occurs.