Biography of Mary Leakey (1913-1972)

Paleontologist and English anthropologist of Kenyan origin, born in Kabete in 1903 and died in London in 1972. Curator of the Corundon Memorial Museum in Nairobi, and co-directed, helping her husband Louis Seymur B. Leakey, numerous archaeological and paleontological expeditions in East Africa, the result of which was the discovery of two very important fossil primates (Kenya) Olduvai Gorge: in 1959 the zinjanthropus, an australopithecine, and in 1962, the homo habilis, probably the oldest rest acquaintance of our species. His major works, which he wrote in collaboration with her husband, include: culture of the stone age in Kenya, races of the age of stone in Kenya, the Olduvai Gorge, some waste fossil Pleistocene of East Africa, etc.