Biography of Harper Lee (1926-VVVV)

American novelist, born in 1926 in Monroeville (in the State of Alabama). While only a novel, kill a Mockingbird, left written became one of the most prominent American narrators of the second half of the 20th century.

After completing his studies at the universities of Alabama and Oxford, began working in New York as an employee at the offices of a company of air navigation, which very soon relegated to the benefit of the true calling she felt as a child: the cultivation of literary creation. Thus, in 1960 his first and only novel, entitled to kill a Mockingbird, which chronicled the life of a character, Atticus, based on the real figure of his father it gave to the printing press. In fact, throughout the novel is based on own childhood by Harper Lee, which passed peacefully in a southern city until it was affected by a serious racist incident.

The novel - which was extraordinarily received by the critics and the American readers, and deserved the Pulitzer Prize of novel of 1961 - presents a personaje-narrador, read Louis (known familiarly as "Scout") Finch reminiscent in adulthood, the defense which held his father, lawyer by profession, against the attempt of physical, moral and judicial lynching that throughout his city wanted to apply a black manaccused of an offence of rape which had not committed.

While Harper Lee did not write any other relevant work, his fame lasted for a long time thanks to an extraordinary film adaptation of to kill a Mockingbird, film which gave international fame to the author of the play on which it was based. This film reported a statuette of Hollywood to Horton Foote, for best screenplay of the year, and another to Gregory Peck, for his brilliant portrayal of the role of Atticus.