Biography of Spike Lee (1957-VVVV)

American filmmaker born on March 20, 1957 in Atlanta (Georgia).

Pupil at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Spike Lee was part of the generation of African-American students intended to culminate the process of social integration initiated by their parents. With the combative spirit that characterized this movement of his ethnic minority, decided to graduate from New York University film school to develop a cinematography militant, akin to what came to be called "American black nationalism".

Lee got prestige among critics at the Festival de Cannes in 1986, after the display of his feature film Nola Darling. By the same dates, is styling a deserved recognition in the small screen thanks to the music video, which led to the singer Anita Baker and a short film shown at Saturday Night Live space. The television channel MTV commissioned later videos for Miles Davis and Brandford Marsalis, and during the presidential campaign of 1988 the elaboration of promotional spaces of the candidate Jesse Jacksonwas entrusted to him.

Ironic analyst of inter-ethnic conflicts, Spike Lee has developed a reflective, controversial, films focused on the Repertoire of racial issues, but always sharp and lucid. His most successful films include beam what you owe (1989). Overproduction Malcolm X (1992), the most ambitious of Lee, film was funded partially by well known figures in the African American community, such as Janet Jackson, Tracy Chapman, Oprah Winfrey , Bill Cosbyand Michael Jordan.

Lee has continued his protest cinema in recent years. Perhaps the clearest example was his when the levees broke: requiem in four acts, a long documentary film of four hours with which removed the conscience of their countrymen telling the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.


1982: Joe's bed-Study barbershop-We cut heads. 1986: Nola Darling. 1988: Troubled classrooms. 1989: Get what you need. 1990: The more, better. 1991: Wild fever. 1992: Malcolm x. 1993: Crooklyn. 1994: Lumière and company. 1995: Clockers. 1996: 6 Girl; The March of a million men. 1997: Four little girls. 1998: A bad entry. 1999: No one is safe from Sam. 2000: Kings of comedy; Bamboozled. 2002: The last noche.2004: she hate me. 2005: Jesus children of America; All the invisible children. 2006: Occult plan; When the levees broke: requiem in four acts.