Biography of John Lennon (1940-1980)

Founder of the legendary group The Beatles, British musician, a Quartet formed in the city of Liverpool with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr , and that became one of the most popular in the history of music of all time. If McCartney and Lennon were the two most creative beatles during the stage that the band remained active, identical situation was repeated after the separation of the four of Liverpool. But a more or less quiet career as solo star was drawn as well as Macca, Lennon always aroused controversy with his performances, either as a composer and musician, as an actor, writer or political activist. In any case, his undoubted talent and career are truncated prematurely the tragic 8 December 1980 when he/she was murdered in New York.

Alfred Lennon and Julia Stanley married in Liverpool on December 3, 1938 and John Winston Lennon came to the world in that city on October 9, 1940, in the Oxford Street maternity hospital, during a German bombing of the second world war. The day of his birth and throughout almost all of his childhood, John lived away from her father who was on board, so the relationship between was practically non-existent. The name of the new child elected him their aunt Mary Stanley, in an almost premonitory Act, because it was he/she who served as mother during the first part of his life. Julia had no encouragement to take over one of the creature and delegated this obligation to his sister Mary and her husband, George Smith. In this way, John grew up in the modest neighborhood of Woolton in Liverpool and a completely matriarchal environment, surrounded by all the Sisters of his mother. There he/she learned to play the guitar and composed his first songs. In 1955, his uncle George died, and Julia Stanley returned to the education of his son, then a boy of fifteen years.

Shortly after the young man bought a guitar and, with his schoolmate Pete Shotton, formed the Group The QuarryMen. On July 6, 1957, during a performance of the band in the garden of the Woolton Parish Church, John Lennon met Paul McCartney. Later another teenager named George Harrison joined them and, after the dissolution of The QuarryMen, the three friends formed The Beatles. In the summer of 1958, Julia Stanley was murdered by a car driving an off-duty police officer and, although had been intense union of Lennon with his mother, the event was hit clearly; years later it still wrote songs Mother and Julia in her mind.

The Beatles story is well known, but should be influencing aspects affecting personal and artistically to Lennon during his career in the group. On April 23, 1962, John married Cynthia Powell, with whom he/she went out for four years. The ceremony was simple and intimate, because that night the band acted live; casually Banquet was held in the same place where their parents did years ago and rumors pointed to Cynthia expected a baby. On April 8, 1963 it came into the world the first son of the couple, John Charles Julian Lennon, whom his father could not see until two days later, as he/she played in London with the group while the child was born in Liverpool. The story that the lived was repeated; his son was and he/she was not present. The private life of the Lennon remained in a very discreet manner in those early years, in fact, the public did not know the marital status of the musician until 1964 and some beatlemaniacos claim that the wife and the son of John were a taboo subject in the bosom of the band that was never talked about.

That same year, published his first book, In His Own Write, which was followed by A Spaniard In The Works a year later. Little by little, John began to seek new motivations outside the familial environment, became interested in transcendental meditation and the culture of drugs, something that Cynthia did not support at all, and the distancing of the couple was evident. In November 1966, he/she met Yoko Ono, a controversial Aristocrat Japanese, a lover of music and the Visual arts which ultimately would affect in a decisive way in the life of Lennon and the future of the group. Many were supporters of The Beatles who accused Japan of causing the breakdown of the Quartet. The meeting took place in an exhibition by the artist avant garde, called Unfinished Paintings And Objects by Yoko Ono. A month later, John Yoko sent her book Grapefruit.

In 1967, the beatles traveled to Bangor, Wales, to attend the Hindu teachings of the Maharishi Mahesh Yoghi. The four caught a train, leaving the platform to Cynthia, what clearing any doubt about the immediate future of the mother of the small Julian with the musician. That same year, Lennon played How I Won The War, his first and only performance in solitary in a film. Marriage is definitely separated in 1968, year where he/she also appeared the first edition recording as guest soloist with Lennon, Unfinished Music No. 1 album: Two Virgins, a collage of unintelligible noises, which was made famous by its cover, where John and Yoko appeared naked. EMI Records refused to distribute the disk and did Track Records, wrapped in a sheath of brown paper (the time supermarket bag-type) to cover the photo.

John and Yoko were married on 20 March of the year 1969 in Gibraltar and a few weeks later hit the stores Life with the Lions: Unfinished Music, this time featuring a pseudo concert on one side, while the other had a recording made at the hospital where Ono was entered at the time of her pregnancy. In July of that year, the simple Give Peace A Chance reached number two on the British charts, becoming a true pacifist anthem. The theme was recorded in a hotel room, where the couple practiced the bed-in for peace, a new form of protest that was to remain indefinitely in the bed. Along with John and Yoko was The Plastic Ono Band, denomination that grouped all the musicians who accompanied John in his post-beatle career. On this occasion, Petula Clark, Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsbergwere among the group. A few months later, the single reached the top fifteen us and on September 13 the Plastic Ono Band performed live for the first time. The components were, this time, Yoko Ono, slow hand Eric Clapton, German bassist Klaus Voorman, and drummer Allan White. On the flight to Toronto, where the first performance of the group, would take place, the musicians rehearsed a selection of Lennon songs mixed with classic rock 'n' roll. In November he/she came out Cold Turkey, an issue that was on the bitter side of the drug, which only came in the top fifteen British.

At that time, and in line with their political activism, Lennon returned (MBE) medal that had been granted by the British Crown as beatle, as a sign of protest for the support that gave the United Kingdom to certain military actions such as the war of Biafra or Viet Nam. This attitude earned the rejection of the British establishment, what forced his flight to U.S. lands. In December 1969, released another recording avant garde, The Wedding Album, and the 15th day of that month, acted for the last time in the United Kingdom on the occasion of a charity UNICEF gala. The year 1970 it began with the release of Cold Turkey in the United States (top 30) and later became the album The Plastic Ono Band-Live Peace In Toronto 1969, his first "non-experimental" album, which sneaked into the top ten of that country.

A few days later, in February of that year, Lennon recorded in a single day Instant Karma, simple produced by the extraordinary Phil Spector, which entered the top five on both sides of the Atlantic. In this album, John counted with the collaboration of his old friend George Harrison and, after this Edition, John and Yoko underwent six months of therapy with Dr. Arthur Janov. This experience was captured on the album John Lennon And The Plastic Ono Band, disk full messages relating to the difficult childhood and adolescence by John. On the commercial side, the disk arrived since eleven in the United Kingdom and the six in the United States, while the single Mother came in the top fifty of the latter country. This simple followed by another of their major issues, Power To The People, top ten in the United Kingdom and since once in the United States.

In September 1971 the couple established their residence in New York and, a month later, hit the stores his most acclaimed album, Imagine, he/she climbed to the top of British and American lists and went down in history for its message of tolerance. The song that gave title to disk was number three in the United States, but Lennon refused to edit it in its native country. In December became another simple, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), which was a commercial failure, without even entering the charts. In 1972 he/she started in tranquil for John, until Woman Is The Nigger Of The World, who was left at the gates of the top fifty U.S. was published in June. It was the appetizer for the next album of long duration, double in this case, that was titled Some Time In New York City. The first LP contained songs with a strong political content recorded with the Group Elephant completo Memory and the second contained a few sessions with The Mothers Of Invention, the Group of Frank Zappa. It became the forty-eight position in the United States, but its release was delayed in the United Kingdom due to problems with Northern Songs, the Publishing House of Lennon, which did not recognize Yoko as co-author of the songs. When you were finally edited there, he/she climbed on the lists to put eleven, and a couple of months later, came to British stores Happy Xmas (War Is Over), which, unlike the US market, was very well received and placed in the top five.

In March 1973, Lennon was ordered to leave the United States because their legal status was not regularized; What began a long legal battle to be able to reside in the country. In autumn of that year was released on the simple Mind Games, that rondo top twenty in two major world lists; the album of the same title (a return to Imagine affordable style), got into the top ten American and came to the post once in his native country. In January 1974, John Lennon asked forgiveness of the British Crown (for issues related to possession of marijuana and subversive activities) to obtain a permanent visa in the United States and that same year began one of the darkest periods in the life of the musician. He/She moved to Los Angeles, temporarily separated from Yoko Ono (appeared regularly in the company of his personal assistant, Mary Pang) and embarked on a spiral of drunkenness and fiestas, in which even some of which starred another altercation. In these festive sessions, John befriended other popular gulfs of California nights, as Elton John, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon, David Bowie and his old friend Ringo Starr.

At the professional level, he/she produced the album of Nilsson Pussycats and in October of that year released the album Walls And Bridges, number one on the U.S. charts and six in the British. His career reemerged commercially, since one month later came the simple Whatever Gets You Through The Night, number one in simple lists of the United States, which, however, only managed to enter the top forty British retail. This topic was collaboration in the study of Elton John, who helped her in recording sessions. With British pianist bet that the single would reach number one and, yes you got it, Elton John should act next to him at the concert presentation of the album. As the commitment was firm, November 28, de1974, on the holiday of Thanksgiving, the couple acted in Madison Square Garden at a concert that, ultimately, would be the last of John Lennon.

In January 1975, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) got back into the top fifty British and, a month later, Dream came into the top ten American and thirty British. An old project of Lennon, the album Rock 'n' Roll, disco made the favorite themes of John, now Phil Spector produced in the year 1973 was released in March. At that time, the producer had its pluses and minuses with Lennon and went with the master under the arm, so that the musician from Liverpool had to record it again; Anyway, part of the dispute with Spector was justified in the dissent of John with the production of the master. After legal sparring with the editor of Chuck Berryalso existed but, nevertheless, the album was released and became the sixth place in the lists of both sides of the Atlantic. Almost at the same time, arose the simple Fame by David Bowie, written by Luther Vandross, own Bowie and John Lennon, which became the number one American. Lennon also collaborated with Bowie in another subject more of his Young Americans album and his next pitch was a version of the classic Ben e. King's Stand By Me, which stayed in the top twenty U.S. and in 1930 in the United Kingdom. Then his life had stabilized again, had returned along with Yoko Ono and the 9 October 1975 was born his son Sean Taro Ono Lennon, one of the events that most influenced the last years of his life.

Thereafter, Lennon withdrew to his apartment in the Dakota building in Manhattan to devote himself completely to his son. Yoko was responsible for moving his business empire, while John was how perfect father and master of House. Perhaps he/she wanted to amend the mistakes of the past and surrendered completely to the care of Sean, which resulted in a long pond to his artistic career. In March 1976, finally received the green card authorizing his permanent residence in the country, which brought him an absolute tranquility. In August 1980, while on vacation in Bermuda, he/she began to compose seriously, recording even some things. The five years of inactivity had left him without record label, David Geffen, but before even listening material, guaranteed it its Edition. The album Double Fantasy (name of a flower that was in a botanical garden of Bermuda) went on sale in November, climbing to first place of British and American lists. With one of the most critically-acclaimed works, Lennon returned to the top of the music scene, the world recalled his talent and acknowledged that he/she had not removed forever. But the reunion with his public call also included putting in scene of an unbalanced autograph collector, named Mark David Chapman. John and Yoko were returning to his New York home in the Dakota building after a session in the Studio, and when they were about to enter the courtyard of the building, they heard a voice which said only: "Mr. Lennon?". Turned, Lennon was shot five times and died bleeding when you reach the Rooselvelt Hospital in Manhattan, by the insane act of a type that had signed an autograph a few hours before.

The musical world was saddened by the tremendous loss and the paradox of the death by assassination of a great pacifist, completely harmless. Took place on 8 December 1980, and, immediately, the simple (Just Like) Starting Over, edited as a single presentation of Double Fantasy, climbed to number one in a more than deserved homage to the great musician who composed and interpreted. On 14 December and, at the request of Yoko Ono, the music world was silent for ten minutes as a tribute that was her husband, a fact that shook the world. In next January, Imagine, concerning forced the legacy of the artist, was the number one in the British charts, with Happy Xmas (War Is Over) as number two and, posthumously, a month later, Lennon got his third number one on the British charts in nine weeks, with the simple Woman. From that moment, the compilations and reissues occurred, but it deserves special review Milk And Honey, album containing six songs recorded Lennon in 1980, just before his death. The work was released in February 1984 and, almost four years after his death, the disc came third place in the British charts and eleven in the United States. Also importantly, the collection of four compact discs titled Anthology, which was released in 1998, next disc Wonsaponatime, published as "compilation of the collection", for not forcing the consumer to the disbursement posed the Quad Edition.

In September 2000, few months before he/she reached the twentieth anniversary of the death of Lennon, his murderer, sentenced to life imprisonment, asked the parole, arguing that his schizophrenia had been referred. Yoko Ono testified in writing to oppose the release of Chapman and, finally, the courts denied his request. Thousands of followers from around the world remind us every year to the late Lennon, gathered at the place where he/she died, or in a corner of Central Park, renamed with the name of Strawberry Fields, to pay homage to the figure of one of the biggest myths of 20th-century music.

At the beginning of November 2004, two albums in which again starred Lennon they went on sale. The first, a reissue of his Rock 'n' Roll album, released in 1975, with two new songs; and the second, a collection of home demos and live recordings called Acoustic in which the singer is only accompanied by his guitar.