Biography of Papa y Santo León I (390-461)

León I get to meet Attila. Rafael. Vatican.

Papa romano called the great, born around 390 in Tuscany and died in the 461. His father was called Quintiliano, and little is known of his early years. Still deacon of the Roman Church of St. Celestine I and Sixto III, it provided great services to religion. He/She was also skilled in the operation of the secular business, and while he/she was in Gaul occupied on an important subject of the Empire, he/she was elected Pope by the Roman clergy and people. He/She succeeded Sixtus III in 440; It was consecrated in Rome in September 440; It is endeavoured to re-establish ecclesiastical discipline in various Councils condemning the doctrines of heretical sects, which troubled the city of the Church, especially those of the Eutiquiano and Manichaean. Having invaded Italy the Huns, commanded by their King Attila, came to Rome with the aim of entering it, but with great admiration of the people of Rome, the Pope went to the meeting of the barbarian King, and with only the power of his eloquence, he/she managed to make him desist from his purpose. Three years later he/she wanted to try an equal step with Jerome, King of the Vandals, but could only get that don't ignite the city or be spilled blood, having to submit to see her loot for fourteen days. Saint-Hilairesucceeded him. He/She left many sermons and letters of great historical value in the clarification of doctrinal issues, as well as several Epistles. His feast is celebrated in Rome on 11 April.