Biography of Papa y Santo León III (¿-816)

Papa romano, successor of Adriano III, who was elected in 795; He died in 816. Four years after his elevation was attacked by a few conspirators who, after mistreating him, locked him in a monastery. Their servers got to provide flight, and it could move to France, where Charlemagne welcomed him and gave him troops who replaced him on the throne. In reward for this service, he imposed to Charlemagne imperial crown the year 800. He later discovered a new conspiracy in Rome, making punishment of death to the conspirators. He made substantial repairs to the churches of Rome, and left a collection of Epistles. His feast is celebrated on June 12. Happened it Esteban IV [V], Pope.

The oath by Pope León III (left view) (fresh, 1514). Stanza dell' fire di Borgo, Vatican Palacio.