Biography of Papa León X (1475-1521)

León X between two Cardinals. Rafael Sanzio, (1518). Florence.

Natural father of Florence, born in 1475 and died in 1521. His real name was Juan de Médicis. He/She was the son of Lorenzo the magnificent; He/She was appointed Cardinal at the age of thirteen, but received no orders sacred until four years later. The invasion of Carlos VIII of France in Italy, forced him to leave Florence and went on to take up residence in Rome, where the friendship of Julio II is captured. Having received the command of Perugia, was made prisoner in Ravenna regaining freedom when the French evacuated the Milan. He/She was elected to succeed Julio II in 1513, and his pontificate is famous by the political and religious events and the impetus given to the arts. He/She made peace with Luis XII of France. He/She tried, but in vain, through skillful negotiations give Princes of his family the kingdoms of Naples and Tuscany, and remain neutral. It ended the Council of Lateran concluding with Francisco I in 1516 the famous Concordat which has governed the Church of France by space of three centuries. He/She sent to preach in all Christendom indulgences sold at very high prices, first in order to afford a crusade against the Turks and then with the of end of the basilica of San Pedro, leading with this abuse to famous disputes that produced reform; He/She excommunicated Luther in 1520, but it could not quell the heresy that spread across Germany. Once appointed 31 Cardinals, among whom was Adriano VI, the reformer Pope who succeeded him. Some authors say that he/she died poisoned. His pontificate was illustrated by the progress of literature and the arts in such a way that the century was called the century of Leo X. It flourished Ariosto, Berni, Accolti, Alamanni, Fracastor, Sannazaro, life, Bembo, Machiavelli, Guichardin, Sadoleto, Miguel Ángel, Rafael, Andrés of del Sarto, Julio Romano, etc.