Biography of Papa León XII (1760-1829)

The name in the world of this Pope was Anibal Della Genga, and was born in the castle of this name near Spoleto in 1760. He/She was nuncio of Pope Pius VI in the Court of Luis XVI, but the outbreak of the French Revolution forced him to leave the country, and the rest of his Nunciature passed it in Augsburg and Vienna.

After the death of Pius VI, and the election of Pope Pius VII, he/she went to Rome with the intention of offering their services to the new Pope, and he/she was sent as nuncio to the diet of Regensburg to negotiate a Concordat which failed. When Pius VII died in 1823, Anibal was elected Pope and took the papal throne.

In his pontificate were distinguished by their love of the poor, their enthusiasm by studies - which led him to encourage public education-, the energy used in the fight against the brigands that infested the Papal States, and zeal in preserving the purity of the faith and customs. It also strove to improve the relations of the Church with different States, even though he/she had some difficulties with Spain, as a result of the separation of the American colonies, whose abispados could not stay vacant for purely political reasons. Died in 1828, and left behind him a trail of celebrity and virtue. His successor was Pope Pius VIII.